Why should you Skype?

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Over the last two years since I have been active on Twitter I have skyped a number of times with different schools and different educators.  I have also encouraged my teachers to skype with different schools.  Many of our teachers have skyped with other schools and have established e-pals and skype buddies.

I have become known in school as somewhat of the Skype expert and classes that want to skype come to me. The truth is skyping is really  very easy all it requires is a web cam and a skype account.

Some one asked me why do I skype so much.  I don’t really but the question got me thinking as to what are some of the educational benefits to skyping.

Here is my quick ( short list) Please comment and add your own ideas.

1. Makes learning real
2. Allows students to connect with experts
3.Lets students become experts and teach others
4. Allows students to collaborate and communicate with others
5. Allows for students to be engaged in the learning  and become active learners

6. Expands  the walls of the classrooms and allows students to learn with peers  all over the world

This week our first graders will be skyping with a another  Jewish day school about Chanukah. The teacher has been preparing them for the experience.  She came to tell me that when ever she mentions it   her students get all excited and can’t  wait. One of the students said to her ” They learn the same things that we are learning”.

Last week my fifth grade class had the opportunity to skype with @michellek107 class in Denver. The first question I was asked afterwards was when can we do that again.

That in a a nutshell is why I skype and would  encourage other to skype provided that it offers a learning opportunity for all.

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