To those of us who consider ourselves to be somewhat of a “Twitter” expert there is nothing as stimulating as a chat. I remeber my first #edchat being completely overwhelemed and just urking. It took me a while to get involved but I also marveled at the moderators and the people running chats.  You could basicly find a chat for almost anything on twitter and if you dont beleive me check our @cyberman1 website that has a list of the chats.

So as  I became more of a “twitter expert” I started particiapting in #edchat and sometime #leadershipchat  and some others when I have the time. However in all of them there was always something missing and there was always this voice in side of me that would say “but you are in a private Jewish day school and while some of the issues may be universal there are unique issues that you have”.

I have blogged about a number of them;how can we balance technology and religion or finding the balance between 21st century skills and being a people of the Book just to name a few. And every so often I would get a comment or some feedback but it wasn’t the collaboration that was neccessary.

With some encouragement from @tomwhitby  @Dovemerson, @RabbiWex and myself came up with the idea of having a twitter chat that would address some of the issues and needs facing Judaic Studies teachers today.

Great idea but to  be honest most of my followers and those that I follow on twitter are not involved in Jewish education and I wasn’t sure who would participate and really what to expect.

Well we picked a date set up a wiki ( and started tweeting about it. The reaction we got was great people seemed really excited but still that unknown about how many people would actually participate in the chat.

Last night at 9 pm Et was that magical hour of our inagural chat.  the first word that came to my mind at 10:05 ET  was “WOW” . It was truly amazing. I beleive we had over 50 people participating and it was amazing.  Participating in a chat is great but moderating it and help create something that feeling was truly amazing.

If you couldn’t make it yesterday please join us next Wed night at 9 pm ET for our next chat. All are welcome.

I named this blog “Beyond the Classroom Walls” since I truly believe that there are no limits to  the places and the way we learn and as educators who also are life long learners the same applies to us and through this chat and all the chats on twitter we are learning and connecting with people that would have been impossible 10 year ago.

The sky’s the limit all we need to do is dream and reach for it


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