What is 21st Century Learning – Better Question what Skills do we want our students to Have?

Last week I wrote a blog for connected principals about Technology and 21st Century learning.  That posted got mentioned by a friend mine Amanda Dykes in her blog   http://upsidedown.edublogs.org/2011/09/06/it-is-21st-century-right/ When I read that blog it go me thinking at to what 21st Century skills are.  However I have to be honest I don’t like that term since we are already a decade into the 21st Century and perhaps the better question should be what skills do we want our students to have.

Here is my short list:

a focuses on student centered learning



critical thinking


the ability to communicate

global learning

And while technology plays a large role in many of these areas it is a tool to help us teach the skills that we want our students to know.

I have created a Google doc and would like you to share your list.


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